Raw Beauty

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We had a Lightroom 5 meet-up early this week and we focused on the develop module.  We concentrated on cityscapes and portraits,  two photography subjects that are for the most part gets different processing treatments.  The RAW image was a capture  from our previous meet-up on lighting.  Genesis, our very good friend and favorite model posed for us.  The triptych shows the possible creative approaches, easily done, starting with lighting that produces quality RAW images and  a good working knowledge of Lightroom.  Of course, having a beautiful model is a very much welcome bonus.

Black & Red

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Ashley, a friend and photographer too, based in Florida and New York was in town.  We took the time to create some head shots for her.   In order to bring the viewers attention to her face, we decided to match her outfits color with the background.  Her black and red outfits seamlessly blends with the black and red backgrounds, drawing the viewers attention to her green eyes and elegant smile. The key light is a beauty dish positioned about 45˚ above her head to the camera right, producing shadows on her right side.  The key light also served as the hair light producing shadow details and creating good separation from the background.  To soften the abrupt shadow transition of the beauty dish, I added an umbrella soft box, located below and slightly to the camera left.  To further soften the overall lighting, reflectors were positioned to camera left and right sides.  Tech Specs:  Black – ISO 125, f/3.2, Red – ISO 125 f/5.6.  Einstein 640 for both key and fill lights, captured with EOS 5D Mark III with an EF 85mm f/1.8.

Faces of Comic Con 2013

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These character portraits of the many fun and kind participants of Comic Con 2013, were all created using an EOS 40D with a 50mm EF lens, captured outdoors with no fill in flash. RAW capture processed in Lightroom 5.

Ocean Beach at night

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We wanted to share the many beautiful places in San Diego, so a friend and I occasionally go out after work.  We  shoot from sunset until after the blue hour.  Here are some of my photos of Ocean Beach at night.

OB5 OB4 OB3 ob2

San Francisco, California

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San Francisco as viewed from Twin Peaks.


Thank you for the gift of Gif

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On the 17th Annual Webby Awards, Mr. Steve Wilhite ,  received a Lifetime Achievement Award.   His acceptance speech was shown in Gif which reads: It’s pronounced  “JIF” not “Gif”. 

Here is my small tribute to the man.  The colorful, blinking and moving lights of San Diego County Fair, brings back happy childhood memories.




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I was quite ambivalent to capture some shots of the super moon last Sunday night, but after watching Nik Wallenda  crossed the Grand Canyon (Congratulations to Nik!) I was energized to go out and soak in some nature, though not as grand.  I called a friend and we headed out to Mission Trails Regional Park.   The sunset came and went, no moon sighting, and it was getting dark. We started to doubt our choice of location then at around 8:30, a faint glow starts to show. This image was captured at around 8:39 pm.  This is a blended image of two exposures. First image was captured at -2 2/3 stops to capture the moon details. Second image at + 2 2/3 stops to capture details of the mountain. Tech details: Tripod mounted Canon EOS Mark III, EF100-400 f/4.5-5.6.L.  ISO800, f/6.3,  1/6 and 6 seconds. RAW capture processed in Lightroom 5.

Rady Auxiliary – 60 years of helping children

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Last June 5, Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary celebrated their 60th anniversary of helping children through their many activities.   My friend Jorge Cortez of JCS Foto and I were there to cover the event, plus we had a photo booth.  We had so much fun creating pictures and covering the event, it feels we partied too instead of working.  And we received a little loving from them after the party.

Arnel!  These are SOOOOOO great.  Thank you so very much.  I keep reliving the night through your awesome photos.  You really captured the spirit of the event. Thank you again!   – Edith

Arnel, you do such a magnificent job! They are beautiful and you totally captured the evening. – Harriet
Fabulous!  I felt like I was at the event all over again just looking at them. – Frances
To know more about the Auxiliary and discover ways that you can help or join, please check out http://www.helpsdkids.org

Lightroom 5 – Aspect Ratio

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Lightroom 5 is now available.  One new feature that will be really useful for me  is the aspect ratio overlay.  We sell a lot prints, especially portraits and our cameras native aspect ratio is 2×3, but most print sales are on the 4 x 5 or 8 x 10 aspect ratio. Simultaneously seeing the cropping of the different  aspect ratios is a timesaver.

We can choose which overlay to show by going to Tools > Crop Guide Overlay > Choose Aspect Ratio. If you have not yet tried version, there is a free 30 day trial.

Aspect Ratio